First Step to the Next Gift

Is the handwritten note obsolete in 2023?

Time seems to be marching on more quickly these days and with it are old norms of fundraising practice, including the handwritten note. If your organization sees anything not tied to an online app as outdated and a waste of time, I’d recommend the following World Economic Forum article on handwriting. The article points to a small study out of Norway that indicates handwriting is tied to learning. In short, physically taking pen to paper can help you learn and remember by engaging more fully with what you are writing.

A handwritten note is still a vital skill for any professional fundraiser. Not only are you taking the time to connect in a real way with a thoughtful note to a donor, you also facilitate your own learning and memory of the donor. Sending a handwritten thank-you note, which only costs 66 cents for a stamp or even less for a postcard, takes just minutes and can be the first step towards securing the next gift. And, you can always follow up with an addition email to maintain donor engagement online.

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